Sunday, February 8, 2009

HUG BOT 2000: Only a Matter of Time

Quoth Gaffer 2000: "You go stickin' yer hand in the cookie jar too many times, yer bound to git caught.  Mmmm'kay, you know what I mean?"  

Yes, Kitty Nation, it appears that there are now questions about who Wee Hug's other parent really is, with the recent unveiling of the HUG BOT 2000 clothing line putting the cards right there on the table.  It seems that Hugglesworth is carrying Gaffer 2000's love seed steed - HUG BOT 2000.

"Surprised?  No, I can't say as though I'm surprised," said Hildo.  "I've watched Gaffer 2000 pretty much have his way with Hugglesworth for 5 years now.  I mean, that bench bunk in the Vanagan - I'm surprised that didn't do it right there.  He was skull-humping the hell out of him back there.  Hey, it's just one Angel Kiss too many as far as I'm concerned."  

Johnny Rocket had this to say when it was suggested that the illicit impregnation was a result of a cavalier attitude toward his patented Angel Kiss.  "Listen, I've got a professional shuffleboard tour to look after here.  I'm very busy.  I can't always be watching what a couple of dumb kids are doing in the back of a van.  You can't blame me because they didn't know how to do it the right way."  

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming mid-winter/early spring HKAC Classic, which this year will feature an Angel Kiss Safety Workshop.  To sign up, please contact Assistant Team Sub-Captain of Procedures, Rectitude and Family Planning, Brandon Kowloon.  

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Gaffer 2000 said...

Thought dis wuz r SECRET Lovechil! How cum everybody know? ...Yer gonna PAY Rouge Nutz!