Sunday, August 14, 2011

100 on 100

Kitties Prevail in Tight 100 on 100 Race

Trudy McBedpan (crotch pictured at left) dropped the hammer on a fine third leg to lead the Kitties to a thrilling three-minute victory over the SLU(tz) All-Starz. McBedpan took the baton :24 behind SLU(tz) following a gutsy 10K by PK. McBedpan quickly covered the gap before pouring it on to build the HKAC lead to 4:00. Scott (Heed) McCue took care of business in the final leg to make it a repeat victory for the Kitties. Said captain Madge Peterson: "Couldn't be happier with the efforts today from the boys. I mean, Trudles, what can you say, the guy's just livin' the dream out there. And sure, Vadge was a bit of a dead weight for us today, but the rest of the boys really picked up the slack."

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