Monday, September 29, 2008

Lobster is to sausage as Kowloon is to...

Last weekend we were waiting in the customary long line at Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine, for a chance to try one of their lobster rolls (more than one whole lobster in each roll!) I heard the folks behind us talking about RTB. Turns out the wife ran for The Bettys and the husband for the SextupWamps. Pretty cool, I thought, what are the odds?

Well, what are the odds of this: the reason that Betty and Sextup were talking was because the woman directly behind them was wearing an RTB jacket - '08 model - meaning that we had THREE groups and FOUR runners right in a row.

Come on, it's pretty good.

Hey Trude, you gotta drool more.

New York Road Runners Marathon Tune Up
9.28.08, 167% humidity
Kowloon - 3rd, 1:39:01, 5:30
Hey Trude - 5th, 1:46:20, 5:54

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kitties from an outside source/herding cats

Joel, from the RTB team 'Kicking Asphalt', captured these images of HKAC. The link above (click on the post title) has all of his photos from RTB 2008. From looking at these photos we can see that kitties stand at attention well, sometimes we are blissed out and other times it's like herding cats.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

looks like we found trudy's 30 seconds

look at him.
so relaxed he was catching up on the week's news

I sleep diagonal in my bed?

I share the above photo with you, and will let you draw your own conclusions about the state of HKAC 2008. (We are currently in search of a Rupples-ized finish line shot.) I also share this photo with you, which I believe sums up our race expertly:

That's all I have to say about that.
Finally, this team member awoke at 3:00 AM on Monday morning to find himself positioned with head at the foot and feet at the head of the bed...diagonal. The diagonal thrust is what awakened Sausage McRowley, who in turn woke me up. "Wha happun?" I asked in post-RTB stupor. I am still looking for answers.
Please share your RTB queries and quandries, such as: did Gaffer 2000 actually show up at work with his Kentucky Mudflap on Monday?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kitties land on their feet, right?

HKAC can certainly learn a few pointers from its young and resilient fan base.  Despite an unexpected and disappointing 323rd place in the RTB '08 van decorating competition, this fan would specifically like to remind the team what brought them to the top of the heap in the first place.  Namely, the shameless willingness to flaunt the fleecy, pink attire - it was a risky move, but it has never failed to bring laughter and joy to the sweaty, salty harriers of RTB.  Thus, dress warmly and remember that kitties always land on their feet, in fact, kitties have no need for new balance.

Hoisted by your own petard

Petard    pe·tard

1. an explosive device formerly used in warfare to blow in a door or gate, form a breach in a wall, etc.
2. a kind of firecracker.
3. hoist by or with one's own petard, hurt, ruined, or destroyed by the very device or plot one had intended for another.

Word History:  In French, petard refers to "a loud discharge of intestinal gas."

Happy B-Day Gaffer 2000

Every year we forget and every year we'd rather forget that RTB is Gaffer 2000's memorial date of birth. It's not really anything to celebrate, just like the yearly arrival into Hampton Beach, the yearly recognition of the birth of one of the most questionable members of the Hello Kitty Athletic Club is, at best, something to just get past. But, seeing as that Beachtember is a time of giving, we the members of HKAC would like to wish the very best to our very own "little petard" and remind all of our members to.... "YOU JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH! SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!"  

Chunnel Cakes

Congrats on being the first losers kitty nation.  The only positive to come out of the weekend was due to the combined genius of the kitty.  In the sleepy hours of the morning, with coffee and food on the mind, Brendo made the first move in bringing on WWIII between France and the British.  The use of english muffins for french toast will forever be know as Chunnel Cakes.  The artful Sam-A, who can be credited with the name, commented that, "With France and England out the way, I see no limit to Kitty proliferation."  The sale of Chunnel cakes are already projected to surpass the $5 mark by Sunday at 10am.  With funding for next years RTB clear, let us hope that the kitties can actually train this year, sack up, and WIN.