Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gaffer 2000 Possibly Outraged by Hugglesworth’s Research Breakthrough

Gaffer 2000’s reaction to the news that Hugglesworth had cracked the mystery of cloning a mutant distance runner to replace him for the 2009 RTB could not have been more expected.

Found lying filthy, naked and drunk on a bench in a local Roxbury park he initially responded, “What? YOU again?! No, I will NOT MARRY YOU MR. ROBOT!...Uraaaagh!”

After several cups of coffee and three cigarettes subdued the bout of vomiting he added, “Oh, yes, THAT. I have literally hundreds of jars of research stored on my closet shelf! I have a mullet and wear a kilt! You’re telling me that Hugglesworth was able to figure out how to make one before ME?!”

The interview then came to an abrupt end after Gaffer 2000 leapt off the bench and began singing “Like a Virgin” while simultaneously spinning in place and relieving his bowels like some sort of futuristic farming equipment.

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