Friday, October 31, 2008

A Tale of Two Kittys

What conclusions might we draw from this photo?

A. The rare moment when Chesticles is captured getting a word in edgewise on Garcon.

B. The coming holy hell of the literal and figurative storm about to be unleashed on HKAC.

C. The foundational brick laying of a solid marathon plan.

Even though "B" is the right answer and will forever be the right answer re: all things Kitty, due credit is to be given Garcon, for dropping a scintillating 2:56:45 PR at Cape Cod, and to Chesticles, for helping him get there. At first blush, Chesticles' method of concentrating all weekly mileage into one orgasmic long run seemed counter to Garcon's steady and progressive summer and fall months of training. The same can be said for Chesticles' emotional, rock and roll, overpass-fueled training run surges in contrast to Garcon's take-it-out-hard-and-keep-it-hard approach. Chaffmaster chafed, "Will they really be compatible?"

We have our answer. Chesticles hopped in at mile 2, was steady and encouraging, and in return was so taken by Garcon's consistency over the hills, he decided to reward himself and everyone by running the full final 24.2 miles. Carson himself credits Chesticles' in-race smoothness as one of the reasons for that lightning quick final 5k, culminating in a 6:20 final mile. Congratulations all around.

Point being, I think we've all learned something here. Kowloon, Gaffer 2000 wants it to be known that he will be furnishing this same succor to you at NYC this weekend. "Heh Heh Heh. Sure, I can whip his butt into shape. What'd ya say we're doing again?" queried a softer, more nurturing and nuanced Gaffer 2000.

We should all be so lucky.

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