Monday, July 26, 2010

HKAC to NBB: Worry About Your Own Shorts

The following interview was excerpted from Gaffer 2000: Eight Years of Turning Heads at RTB.

Interviewer: You participated in a special company's shorts demo last year, is that right?

Gaffer 2000: Oh, I participated, but I think the shorts did not. I found them, let's say...restrictive.

I: Didn't the race director field multiple complaints about your personal uniform? And I quote: "I can tell he's circumsized from 50 yards out."

G2000: There's a lot of pressure to give the people what they want, mmm'kay?

I: Is there anything in the works for this year?

G2000: HKAC is planning a short swap for leg 30 this year. It's part of a "custom" line I've been working on. But don't tell no one. It's a secret.

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Gaffer 2000 said...

I can't decide! Like I always say, 'If it doesn't make you feel pretty then you sure as hell shouldn't run in it'!

Yvonne said...