Friday, July 23, 2010

C.H. Huggleworth Declared: Best HKAC Member EVER!

In a recent gallop poll taken by the United States Office of Commerce C.H. Hugglesworth was found to be "The Best HKAC Member EVER!" 147% of all Americans would like to see C.H. Hugglesworth (The Hugginator as he is known to friends) boosted from his 7 year position as Assistant to the Assistant to the Team Captain of Team Spirit to the Official Team Captain of Team Spirit.

"He's funnier than Knapp. He has better leadership skills than Peterson. And he's just plain better looking than all the rest of us. I think he deserves it." said Johnny "the rocket" Rogers at a recent pre-race press conference.

There you have it folks. C.H. Hugglesworth Declared: Best HKAC Member EVER!

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Gaffer 2000 said...

I heard the poll was taken exclusively in Gafferville!