Tuesday, April 14, 2009

End of an Era; Start of Something Else

'Tis true, Fine Kittys. The Official HKAC Thinking Man's Throne has been trashed ("Trash! Means everything to me"). Dainty Hacky described the demise this way: "The foam split and it started absorbing nasty stuff."

Custom has it that retired Kitty-phenalia be sent to the address of the most recently purchased piece of Kitty property. We were really pulling for rookie Bridge Over Troubled Waters to take that prize, but it seems as though Huggles has gone and leased a trailer. Look out in the mail, Hugger! A housewarming package should be comin' fer 'ew.

Further, on the subject of old endings and new beginnings, looks like Kowloon blew his wad at Kitty Kamp and is done for Boston, while King Sammy is a go, and Chesticles has been struck by lightning and a hankerin' for speed at the Jersey Marathon.

Finally, and most importantly, we would be remiss to not mention the efforts of Garcon and Checklexa, whose 56 hour standing labor frankly makes us all look like the wimps we are, and makes RTB look like a game of shuffleboard (insult intended, Rocket). Welcome to the world, L.E.T., born 4/10/09!

Sign up, Kittys!

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