Thursday, October 1, 2015

Kitty Jaunt (Patent Pending)

OLD WETHERSFIELD - "What idiots."  That sentiment sums up much about Saturday's Kitty Jaunt from Falls Village to Colebrook's West Branch Reservoir, as well as the state of affairs generally with the Hello Kitty Athletic Club in 2015, according to founding (silent) partner PK.
Chock full o merch.

While there were flashes of brilliance exhibited by the small and less-determined-than-we-used-to-be squad, there were also flashes of exhaust, fire, and deafening noise from the team's less-dependable-than-it-used-to-be Volvo chariot.  To wit: while approaching the classic, sleepy center of one of Connecticut's oldest towns, the Kitty car sounded as if it was exploding.  "Tough way to start the morning,  Jesus." said Crocky McDingle, owner of the Old Town Cafe. "I woke up to that god awful racket.  Thought last night's belly dancers had somehow gotten back inside with their rhaita flutes." It turns out that what sounded and looked like the Volvo on its way to becoming the Wethersfield Cove's newest mooring was just a loose spark plug.  Easy.  The key takeaway: auto mechanics do not judge sash-clad pseudo-hipsters with clean fingernails.  They don't!

Car trouble aside, HKAC-Petit was ready to begin its jaunt.  Well, after some lazing, a fistful of elephant ear pastries, some crack deucing, a little swimming, and a leisurely Sunday drive.  The harriers were: Madge, Brandon Kowloon, and the aforementioned silent partner PK.  "We are f*^ked for RTB 2016," said Madge, "and that's best case scenario."  Said Brandon Kowloon, mid-first leg, and looking bad: "I really hope this jaunt propels me into, you know, regular running."  While fitness for Roxbury remains elusive, eventually, the results came:

31 miles at 6:36 pace is a nice way to spend the crisp autumn day.  So too though is eating pastries.

Other key omens and highlights along the way:
Strong omen that Gaffer 2000 was inside us.  Like actually inside.

Kept at the ready should we need to cover up at the gas station.

Protective cloak of Kitty-at-the-bus-stop nighty allows 
PK to go from 0 miles to full relay mode in no time at all.

What idiots.

Lunch time: you and I call it another good omen;
Gaffer calls it outrageous crutchery copyright infringement.

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Jillian Bajaksouzian said...

I met one of you guys at a turkey trot in Akron, OH. I LOVED the hello kitty singlet, any way to order one!?