Friday, December 18, 2009

Technotronic? Or Chestotronic?

The following message was received at HKAC headquarters early this morning: "Sent on the Sprint Now Network for Blackberry." The sender: Chesticles! What was sent: totally unclear.
Like King Sammy before him, Chesticles has proven highly resistant to this newfangled technology of cellular phones. He does own one, but admittedly must plug it in like a car phone. Coincidentally, it is the same size as his car. Texting, to Chesticles, is a four letter word.
If indeed Chesticles now owns a Blackberry, there will be rampant speculation that he will wield this power over the Kittys for evil purposes. Some, like Garcon, already believe a plan is in place for Chesticles to be able to do work while on long runs. Others believe that gone are the good old days of Chesticles showing up early to RTB; instead now a cloud will hang over the van as work is completed during the race. Johnny Rocket voiced his concern: "I want to go on record that in no way is it acceptable for a Kitty to be thinking about, let alone engaged in work during RTB. You're either with us, or you're not, Chesticles."
Tough talk, indeed. It will be fascinating to see how this situation plays out.
** Don't forget Gaffer 2000's holiday party this weekend, the one I wasn't invited to. With a tagline of: Whores! Whores! Whores! it's got to be good.

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