Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Be Thankful, Kittys!

It can safely be said that the scariest possible scenario has happened: in the absence of Garcon, Hey Bear, Hug, myself, or other marginally sensible Kittys, Tafka and Vadge appear to have become inseparable training partners.

The recipe: take all of Vadge's crazy conspiracy theory suppository training beliefs and his running thong, add Tafka's maniacal self-flagellation and another dash of rock n roll-infused conspiracy theory, and top it all off with their commonly held core principle that HARD, IMMEDIATE over-the-top miles is the surest way to improvement, if not injury. Result: one cluster-fizzy-lizzy of a turkey day run for the rest of us.

Also in the news: the crack RTB webmaster, Tortoise, has just now placed Trudy McBedpans and his "special" 2009 RTB race hair as the first photo in the homepage slideshow. Look pretty, Kittys!

And lastly, some Thanksgiving directions, courtesy of Johnny Rocket:


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