Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Training with rocks in your shorts

Have we discovered this mystery man's method for improvement? Interested parties (Hugh-gulls, Madge) want to know.

King Sammy 5k PR - 17:59 (2008)
King Sammy's 5k PR last time he was on a non-HKAC squad - 19:43 (1994)
HKAC: Run any recent races?
King Sammy: Oh, a 5k down here recently.
HKAC: How did it go?
KS: Oh, it was okay, I ran 18:43, so 44 seconds off a PR.
Wife of KS: Tell them you did it with the baby.
KS: Oh yeah, by the way, CKA was with me in the jogger.

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